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General Overview: Reports Center

The Reports Center is a powerful and flexible analytics engine that helps you to interpret and analyze data about courses, users, sales, and learning activities. 

Navigate to Reports Center from your admin dashboard:

User Analytics

1. User Progress & User Segments is an analytics engine that allows you to interpret and analyze data about your user's progress, available in our Pro trainer plan or higher.

2. With our Course Insights tool (available in our Learning Center plans or higher), you can compare the performance of your courses, delve into users’ content consumption behavior for each course, appraise the effectiveness of each learning activity, and identify and segment your audience:

3. Scheduled Reports (available in our Learning Center plans or higher) is a useful tool where you can create, view, edit, delete, or disable scheduled reports. 

4. Reports Log page offers an overview of your scheduled reports and allows you to filter your reports by type and date and view the "In progress" and "Upcoming" reports.


1. Gradebook helps you keep an online record of your student's grades in exams, assignments, and certifications. You can view, reset, edit their grades, and export assessment results.

2. Certification is the menu where you can find all the details related to user-issued certificates.

3. In Assignments you can grade all the ungraded assignments of your school.

4. Question Banks page allows you to import and store questions and use them in your learning activities.


In the sales reporting menu, you can monitor your school's Orders, Products & Instructors' revenue, and all the Cancelled sales. You can find more information in this article

Activity History

1. Events Log is the page that helps you monitor your school's events and gives you unparalleled control over your online school with real-time information about the activities that take place, such as which users liked a post, when did they visit a course, when did they log in, made a purchase, etc.

2. Emails log helps you track your school's email activity and get a preview of your school's automated emails delivered to your users. 

3. User Action log lets you track the progress and the details of a Bulk Action you initiated. You can see more information on the date the bulk action took place, the type of the bulk action, if it's completed or still pending, etc. 

Optimizing User Progress and Analytics Tracking: Essential Tips for Accuracy

1. Duration of hidden tabs are not tracked, similar to inactive sessions where users leave their browsers open. However, SCORM activities are an exception, as all activity time is measured.

2. Only the "playing" time is recorded for videos, while paused time is not included, except for YouTube videos where the entire duration is measured. Additionally, when testing live in the course player,  note that the database does not update in real time.

3. The update is triggered in the following cases:

  • Every 3 minutes during large learning activities.
  • When you navigate back to the course page.
  • When you close the browser.
  • When there is a change in the learning activity within the course player.
  • Even after updating the time in the database, it may take a minimum of 1 minute, up to a few minutes, and in rare cases, more time for the analytics (User Card) to be updated.

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