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How to Give Access to a Payment Page with an Already Applied Coupon

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In this article, you will learn how to give access to a payment page with an already applied coupon with custom payment pages or by creating shareable payment links. 

Create Coupons

The first step is to create discount coupons. For Courses or Bundles, you can create your coupons according to this article.

For Subscriptions, you can check this article.

Create a custom payment page

1. You can create a dedicated page that will include a payment section according to this article: Customize a Payment Page

2. Or you can add a payment section on an existing page: Add and Customize the Payment Section

3. Then, you need to apply the coupon from the drop-down list (all available coupons will get displayed), and the discount will be automatically applied during the checkout process.

Create a shareable URL link

You can share a product's URL with your users with a coupon already applied. 

1. Copy the product's URL by navigating to the course's Access tab or the product's Page Properties. For example, the URL is a Course URL.

2.a. Αfter the product URL paste the element "?coupon=" and the coupon's code (i.e. code1). The final URL should look like this: 

When users visit the above URL, they will be redirected to the product's page, and after clicking on Enroll, they will be redirected to the Payment page, where the coupon discount will already be applied. The user will then be able to click on Buy and proceed with the purchase.

2.b. If you wish to redirect your users straight to the Payment page, then you need to use URLs such as the following:

You need to copy your School's URL, paste this element "/payment?product_id=", then paste the course ID, and add the following coupon element with the coupon ID "&coupon=code1".

Don't forget to replace with your school URL and the example course and coupon ID with the ones you have created. 


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