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How to Review the Responses of the Forms

In this article, you will find more information on how to access and review the responses from the Marketing and the Form learning activity in your LearnWorlds school.

Within this article, you'll discover detailed guidance on accessing and evaluating responses from the Marketing and Form learning activity within your LearnWorlds school. 

Authoring toolbar on the Form page

1. Hover over the created Form and click on Edit Form to open the form's authoring page. 

2. Click on Responses at the authoring topbar.

Course's Form Responses

In the created Form learning activity

1. Hover over the Form learning activity, under the course's Contents tab, and click on Responses

2. Click on the dropdown menu. 

3. Choose the Course forms option and click on the form you wish. 

Admin's Dashboard

1. Navigate to Courses→ Course Forms

2. Choose the survey you wish and click on responses.

Marketing's Form Responses

Navigate to Marketing → Marketing forms. Hover over the Marketing Forms you wish and click on Responses.


  • The admin can view and export the responses in .xls and .csv format.
  • The type of forms' depends on how you have built them; more insights about the Marketing and Course forms can be found in the respective articles.
  • Users cannot make any further edits to their form's responses once they submit them.

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