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How to Enhance the Accessibility of your School

Accessibility options in your online school are important, because they ensure that all learners, regardless of disabilities or challenges, can access and engage with educational content effectively.

In this article, we will go through some ways that you can enhance the accessibility of your LearnWorlds school

Integrating with an External Tool

Integrating with a web accessibility tool can help your school and your courses' content to be usable by people with disabilities of various types (vision, hearing, etc.). Αutomated accessibility tools alone do not make your school 100% accessible. This process, in general, facilitates your website's navigation.

In general, accessibility tools can assist with the:

  • Text contrast: Ratio between text or images and background color.
  • Dynamic font size: Option for users to increase the font size to fit their needs.
  • Alternative texts: Text inserted on images to describe it in a written form.
  • Keyboard navigation: Navigate the user interface without using a mouse
  • Screen reader: Converts text, buttons, images, and other screen elements into speech

Integrate External Accessibility tools

In order to use an accessibility tool, you can either choose one of the following apps or any other available app:

Since those apps are not offered as a built-in integration, the first step of integrating a third-party tool in your School's custom code is to create the code in your external tool, and according to the tool's support articles to allocate in which HTML part in your school to paste it. For more information on the needed steps, you can check our article here: How to Integrate a Third-Party Tool with your LearnWorlds School

  • We recommend you create a page with instructions on how users who want to use the integrated Accessibility tools can enable those features (e.g., you could add instructions such as "Select "Yes" when asked if you will be using a screen reader).
  • For any additional resources and guidelines, you can visit this link, which includes a 13-day training schedule. 

Utilizing built-in features

1. You can use the built-in setting "Alternative-text" property, which can be allocated in all our available Image Widgets. Note that some images may have in the HTML structure the role="img" and aria-label ="alt-value" attributes because, by infrastructure, they are not image elements. However, the aria-label does not affect SEO, as it exists only for accessibility reasons.

For alternative texts that can be inserted into an ebook's image, you can contact us at for further assistance. 

2. All "non-text" content can include a text alternative to facilitate its accessibility. More specifically, for audio learning activities, you can add a digital download with their transcript. Otherwise, you can embed the audio file in an ebook, by selecting the "Embed" template, and then adding a "Text" template to provide the relevant context there. 

3. For video learning activities, you can use our Transcript service and enable the captions feature. Otherwise, you can manually add subtitles to a video with external video software, and upload it to your course as a whole. 

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