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How to Track the User Progress for Zoom/Webex Live Sessions

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In LearnWorlds, you can host live sessions using Zoom and/or Webex. You can create Zoom learning activities and/or Webex learning activities allowing enrolled users to join the live meetings at the scheduled time.

You can easily track the user progress/attendance for your Zoom/Webex Learning activities. This allows you to see how much time a student spent in the live meeting, whether they joined, when they joined, and even manually mark the live session as completed for each user.

Track the Users' Progress

For each Zoom/Webex learning activity, you can track the User Progress and have a detailed view of user attendance.

1. Select a course that includes the Zoom/Webex learning activity.

2. Go to the Course outline tab.

3. Locate the Zoom/Webex learning activity, hover over it & click on User Progress

Live Session User Progress Page

After following the above steps, on the next page, you can:

  • Select any live session learning activity from the drop-down list.

  • Export the user progress report (CSV and XLS format).

  • Search via user or attendance status.

You can also see the following data for the users in the specific learning activity:

  • Name
  • Tags    
  • Join Date/Time    
  • Time spent    
  • Where the data were retrieved by
  • Status

Data is retrieved automatically by the Course Player.

Notes: Time Spent (attendance time) is only available in Zoom learning activities; however, time is recorded in Webex as well. 

User Progress Status

A live session is considered Completed once it is joined and the completion rules are met. If the Replay option is enabled, then the session may be completed when the user just watches the Replay, even if they didn’t join the session; in that case, only the status will be updated, but no other data (such as date/time, duration, data source).

Manually (Bulk) Change the User Progress/Attendance Status

You can manually mark the attendance status as "completed" of specific or multiple users at once. For the Live Sessions, you have manually marked them as completed you can track them in the status column.

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