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How to Manually Mark a Learning Activity/Course as Complete

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The Mark as Complete feature allows Admins to mark a course or a learning activity as complete manually. This tool is available only to the administrative level user roles.

Who can benefit?

  • When the Admin decides that an activity needs to be completed for one or more users because they face difficulty in completing it.
  • When you migrate people from another platform, you need to reflect on the actual progress of your users. 

How to Mark an Activity as Completed

1. One-by-one user selection in the All users section. 

You need to go from your admin's dashboard to All users→ select a user→ click on Update progress. Select the activity or entire course that you wish to mark as complete and click on Mark as Complete.

In the popup window that appears, you can select whether the notification email for the course completion will be sent to the user:

2. In the Enroll users and Import & enroll users bulk actions. With bulk actions, you will only be able to mark a whole course as complete and select whether the course completion notification email will be sent to the users.

3. Multi-select users from the Users list (All users → select as many users as you wish to) and click on Update progress. Select the Course and choose the activities or select the entire course to mark it as complete. 

4. You can manually mark an activity or course as complete, via API.

If an activity or course is marked as complete by the admin, the Manually label will appear below the specific activity or course in the Courses tab in the User Card, under the User Progress, and the Events log.

Important Notes

  • Forms, Exams & Certificates will be automatically graded, with a final score of 100%. In case they are already completed by the user, the score will not be affected. 
  • You cannot mark an already completed activity as complete.

  • The recorded “time spent” is not affected. The system just bypasses the “Time spent” that applies to the Completion Rules.

  • You can mark a locked activity as complete; however, the users will still not be able to access it on the course player. It will be unlocked according to the applied Access & Course player rules (Drip-feed, Sequential navigation, Navigation with prerequisites).

  • The respective Zapier and Webhooks events will be normally triggered. Zapier will have an additional parameter that will indicate whether the learning activity was manually completed or not.

  • The feature is not available for Legacy learning activities.
  • If you are migrating from a different platform to LearnWorlds, make sure to visit our relevant articles with the migration steps:

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