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How to Import an MS Word File to an Ebook Learning Activity (Legacy)

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We have released our new and improved Ebook learning activity, where you can create stunning ebooks with professionally designed activity templates, sections, widgets, and a dedicated theme explorer. You can find out more in this article

If you already have an MS Word file related to the subject of your course, you can import the MS Word file and insert headings, links, or other elements in every part of the content you like. 

1. Create your Course and add your Course Sections.

2. In the Contents tab of your course, you can create an Ebook learning activity.

3. Hover over the Ebook learning activity and visit the Ebook authoring environment by clicking on Edit ebook.

4. In the Ebook authoring panel, click on Import MS word.

5. Click on Upload file, choose the word file you would like to upload, and click on Open.

6. Choose how you want the doc's formatting to be treated during the import:

a. Plain text: all formatting (bold, italic, etc.) will be lost 

b. Formatted text: Keeping the format of the original Word document

7. Click on Import to start the process.

Supported files are up to 10 MB, with only Latin characters in the title of the files (special characters like â, è, ü, etc, are not supported).

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