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How to Reward your Users - LearnWorlds Gamification (Digital Badges)

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Your LearnWorlds school uses gamification elements and comes equipped with a predefined collection of digital badges. These badges are earned by users through their social interactions and accomplishments within the online school environment.

Activate the Gamification Engine

Enable or disable the gamification of your school by navigating to Settings → Learning Apps → Gamification Engine. On the Gamification engine page, you can see all the available badges along with the scenarios that, once met, will unlock the relevant badge

Customize the Digital Badges

In the Gamification engine page, you can activate and customize each badge, changing the name, description, and image by hovering over the three dots at the left of each badge and clicking on Edit badge.

- The award condition for each badge cannot be edited.
- The recommended dimensions for the badge images are 90px X 90px.

In your notification emails, enable or disable the notification message sent when a badge is awarded. 

Badges that your users earn during their experience within your school can be found in the users' Inbox & Profile page once they are logged into their account. Over time, your learners will have a visual personal portfolio of all the different skills they have been awarded.

  • The Active Member badge gets calculated based on social actions (such as posts, likes in posts, comments, best of (upvote), and likes in comments) in the past 30 days (not based on the calendar month).
  • Once a badge is earned, it does not get removed.
  • The Archiver and Note Master badge is related to the e-book learning activity actions.
  • In the community, clicking on the heart icon next to a post counts as "yeah," and clicking on the upvote icon counts as "best of."

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