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Account Page

Apart from the Profile page, each user role (admin, instructor, user) in your school has its own Account page. On the Account page, users have access to their payment history, billing and account info, contact details, and the option to cancel or change their subscription plans (if available).

For your users to access their Account page, you will need to add a redirection to your After Sign-in/up Topbar (or on any button you wish). 

1. Go to Website → Design →  Edit Website, click on Edit Page Topbar → After sign-in/up topbar.

2. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to edit the topbar options.

3. Once you decide how and where you want to display the Account option, click on the pencil icon and choose Go to → App → Account.

To access the Account page as a user you can click on the dropdown menu of your topbar under Me → Account, or from any Account buttons, you have added to your topbar or pages.

While on your Account page, you are able to preview the fields below.

Payment History

Under Payment History, your users can see their payment details like the title of the product, the date they purchased it, and the transaction id. They are also able to download their invoices.

Your Payment Plans

Under Payment Plans, users can check their outstanding installments (if available), the related product, the last and next payment date, the already paid, the pending, and the total amount of the product. Additionally, they are able to cancel their installment plan (if configured) by clicking on Cancel. After they cancel they will not have access to the product anymore and If they change their mind, they will need to enroll again.

Manage Subscription

Under Manage Subscription, users can detect their current subscription (if available), the next billing date as well as the ability to cancel their subscription plan by clicking on Cancel.

When clicked, a popup message will appear for confirmation. If the user proceeds, then the Your Account page will display a button for the optional reactivation of the same subscription plan or the option to choose another one by clicking on the Change button (if available).

If users cancel their subscription plan, days or months before the renewal date, the re-activation button will be shown until the renewal date passes. After the renewal date, they won't be able to re-activate it via the Account page and they will need to purchase it anew.

Account Info

Under Account Info, users can see their username and email. To edit this info, they will need to visit their Profile page.

Billing Info

Under Billing Info, users can edit their card credentials by clicking on Edit. It is not feasible to remove the card from the Account page, only change it. 

Contact Sales

Under Contact Sales, users are able to detect the company's name, phone, skype account, and school address. The information, which is displayed on the Contact Sales is generated from the School info section.

Social Accounts

Under Social Accounts, users can find the available social accounts. If they click on each of the social icons, they will be redirected to the corresponding profile. The information, which is displayed on Social Accounts options, is generated from the School info section.

If the terminology of e.g. Payment History or Manage Subscription doesn't fit your needs, you can change it by navigating to Settings → School Settings → Site Language.

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