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How Users can Pay and Insert their Payment Information

Once a new user creates a new account on a school, they will be considered as non-paying until they purchase their first course/subscription/bundle. 

Course or Bundle

1. Users can go to a specific course layout page and click on the automatic Εnrollment button.

2. On the default payment page, users will be asked to fill in their payment information so as to make the purchase:

  • If the direct Payment Flow is enabled in your School's Navigation settings, users will be asked to simultaneously sign-up. 
  • If the user already has an account, they can click on the Login button.
  • Depending on the enabled billing details under your Financial School settings, users will be asked to insert their billing information, such as Postal Code, City, etc. 

3. Users can also insert a coupon code if they have been provided with one, or simply click on be Buy button after filling in their card details under the Payment Method field.

4. Once the purchase has been completed, a new message will appear on the screen letting them know that the purchase was successful.


  • The information, on which payment gateway the users would like to use, can be chosen upon each purchase so users can use different payment information for every course/bundle purchase.
  • Shopify cannot be combined with other payment gateways. 


For subscriptions, the process is the same however, if a user wants to change their payment information for subscriptions they will have to navigate to their Account. On the account page your users can:

  • Cancel their subscription.
  • Change their subscription plan.
  • Edit their payment information filled for subscription purchases.
  • Download their invoices.
  • Edit their Billing Info Details.

Note: If you use Stripe as your payment gateway and you offer subscriptions and/or installments then your Stripe account will store the credit card information of your users. In all the other cases (courses and/or bundles) none of the payment gateways store the user’s credit card information.

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