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How to Customize the Courses Page - Courses Sections

The Courses page is the index page of your school and you need to make sure that it is well written, organized, and pleasant to navigate, in order for users to be able to compare between products and purchase the one they desire. 

1. Click on Site Builder → Edit School Site.

2. Choose the Course page or any other page you want to edit from the Page Manager.

3. Click on +Add Section to add one of our available Courses Sections, under the Products → Course Catalogue.

4. Click on Save.


  • The Products templates will not display Private or Draft courses on the Course page, as these course types remain unlisted/unpublished. 
  • Click here for more information on how you can change the order of your courses, as they are depicted in the Course Cards.

Course Cards Editing tab

When you click on Edit course cards, in your added Products section, the side form menu will appear. 

  • Show courses: In the side form that appears, you can edit a variety of settings. Initially, you can select which courses to show. 

Note: The "My courses" option shows the courses a student is enrolled in. The "Not enrolled" option can be used to prompt users to purchase courses they haven't purchased yet. 

You can even create a custom list of courses:

  • Course card layout: Change the course’s card layout.
  • No of cards loaded: Show all cards or enable paging (You can choose whether all the cards will be displayed all at once, or how many specific cards will appear per row).
  • When clicked: Choose the action when the course cards are clicked.
  • Card appearance: Change the appearance of the course card (show price, optimize image, show ribbon for discounted prices).
  • Filters: Choose whether you wish to display filters to make course navigation easier (and choose the specific filters you wish to show).
  • Enroll and Load more buttons: Customize the Enroll and Load more buttons.

On your Courses Promotion page, you can also share Products such as Bundles and Subscriptions, in order for your users to have an overview of what to purchase. 

Note: After adding a section to your page, you may want to make alterations to the section's general settings, actions, and layout settings in the Sideform.

Apply a Coupon code directly to the Course Cards section

You can create a coupon promotion that will apply to all of your courses and bundles and pre-select the respective promotion so the users will not need to manually add any coupon code to the Payment page. This way you will offer a pre-fixed promotion across your whole school and all the courses at once.  To achieve this you need to:

1. Create the coupon for All courses (and/or Bundles).

2. Add the Course section to any page of your school.

3. Click on Edit Course Cards.

4. Set up the When clicked action: Go to checkout Apply coupon (choose the coupon).

5. Click on Save.

Once the users click on the course card of the course they wish to purchase they will be directed to the Payment page where the coupon will be already applied. You can also find out how to give direct access to a Payment Page with an already applied coupon in this article.

Note: You can make some alterations to your Course Cards section, by using the following CSS snippet for hiding the progress bar of the course cards.  The CSS snippet should be added in the Custom code editor of your school and paste in the <style> Dynamic (css) field. Then click on Update.

/*hide progress bar from course cards*/
.lw-course-card .lw-interior-mt .learnworlds-overline-text {
display: none;

.lw-course-card-progress {
display: none;

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