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How to Host a Live Class/Webinar

Live classes and webinars are a magnificent way to teach, coach, interact with your users, personalize your educational program, familiarize yourself with your audience, and many more reasons to consider getting behind a microphone and address live to your users.

Schedule Live Classes/Webinars

1:1 Session Learning Activities

In LearnWorlds, you can allow users to schedule a 1:1 session with you as an admin or any course creators and instructors, using the built-in Calendly integration. After connecting Calendly with your LearnWorlds school, you can create 1:1 session learning activities, connect them with event types created in your Calendly account and provide 1:1 sessions to your students.

Group Session Learning Activities

Via our Calendly integration, you can also let multiple users schedule and participate in the same session with the coach, which will allow you to scale your offerings with group sessions where the same time slot can be scheduled many times by multiple users. Find out more in this article: How to Create a Group Session Learning Activity.

Zoom Meetings/Webinars

You can integrate your Zoom account into your LearnWorlds school. After Zoom is integrated, you can start creating Zoom Learning Activities in your courses since live Zoom sessions are part of your course's activities.

Users enrolled in courses with Zoom meetings/webinar learning activities can join your meeting through the LearnWorlds platform with no need to download and install the Zoom client. Everything happens within the course player.

Webex Meetings

You can integrate your Webex account into your LearnWorlds school. After Webex is integrated, you can start creating Webex Learning Activities in your courses since live Webex sessions are part of your course's activities.

Webinar Providers

Zoom/Webex: You can use our native Zoom or Webex integration for your webinars.

IBM Cloud Video Platform: You may choose the IBM Cloud Video Platform and follow our detailed guide for performing a webinar or live class using IBM video - Ustream.

LearnCube: You can find detailed instructions on how to host a live class using LearnCube.

Other providers: You can use any other webinar hosting provider by pasting the embeddable code of the live class event to an embed learning activity.

If you do not wish to integrate Calendly with your LearnWorlds school, you can also create a calendar so users can select their preferred date and time based on your availability. This calendar can be created as an embedded learning activity. We have a detailed procedure for setting up an embedded calendar learning activity with Calendly & SetMore:

Note: You can get direct feedback from your users to schedule a one-to-one call with them or get information from your attendees about their participation and expectations from the event using our Form Builder. You can find out more information on how to achieve this here.

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