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How to Review Assessment Responses

In LearnWorlds, you can create a non-graded assessment or a graded assessment learning activity so that users can review the assessment questions and submit their answers. This article provides more information on accessing and reviewing the assessments' responses. 

Review Assessment Responses

To access and review the submitted Assessment responses:

  • Go to Courses → Course manager and select your desired course.
  • In the Course Sections, locate the respective Assessment learning activity.
  • Hover over the Assessment learning activity and click on Responses. Or click on Edit Assessment and locate the Responses menu on the authoring top bar.

On the Responses page, you can see all the submitted responses of the users and export them as .csv or .xls files. You can also Delete all of the responses

In the Responses menu, you can see the respondent's name, the date and time when they submitted their responses, and their actual responses. You can also see, download feedback, or delete their responses under the Actions tab.

  • On the Responses page, you can only review the responses of the users; hence, you can neither grade nor see the grades. You can grade (set score) or provide feedback on a submitted answer from the Review Center or the Gradebook (see further below). 
  • You may encounter Abandoned, Unfinished, or Rejected statuses. The Abandoned status happens when a user fails the exam and does not come back within the auto-recovery period. If a user leaves mid-assessment without interruptions enabled, when they visit the assessment again, they will see the ending screen with the attempt graded as 0. 
  • The Unfinished status is shown if a user leaves the submission, doesn't come back before the auto-recovery time runs out, and hasn't revisited the assessment yet.
  • The Rejected status can happen for submissions that are invalid due to browser session expiration. For example, if a required question has not been answered or the timer expired and the submission took place.

If you delete a submitted answer from the Responses menu, it will also be deleted from the Review Center and Gradebook.

Grade Assessment Responses


In the Exam (Graded Assessment) learning activities, some types of questions and the relevant submitted answers go by nature through the CoursesGradebook for gradingThese are the:

  • Multiple Choice (Gradebook)
  • Multiple Answers (Gradebook) 
  • Match & Ordering (Gradebook) 
  • Short Text (Gradebook)

The below 3 question types go through the Review Center, where the instructor/admin can grade (set score) and provide feedback:

  • Text Assignment (Review Center) 
  • File Assignment (Review Center) 
  • Record Video (Review Center)

Below, you can see a summary of the question types that go to the Gradebook and the ones that go to the Review Center.

Self Assessments

Similarly, not all the questions of Self Assessment learning activities go to the Review Center for reviewing. Only:

  • Exam Questions: File Assignment, Text Assignment & Record Video questions by nature go through the Review Center for reviewing and providing feedback (not grading).

You will find more information in the relevant article: How to Grade Assessments or Provide Feedback (Review Center).

Manual Feedback

If you enable the Manual Feedback setting, you can send any question type to the Review Center so the instructor/coach will review the users' answers and share personalized feedback based on what each user answered on this question. 

You will find more information in this article: How to Configure the Assessment Settings.

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