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General Overview: Assessments and Certificates in LearnWorlds

Transform your assessment and certificate builder into a dynamic tool that crafts examination tasks with precision scoring options tailored to measure your users' advancement. Additionally, generate certificates featuring personalized fields to celebrate individual achievements.

In this article, we will go through an overview of the supported types of assessments and certifications in LearnWorlds. 

Exam (Graded Assessment)

Exams are structured assessments comprising various question types such as multiple-choice, multiple-response, matching, sequencing, short-answer, file submissions, or video recordings. You have the option to apply either a basic or advanced scoring system for evaluating users and allocating scores, with immediate feedback available for their submissions. 

You can access and review grades in the Gradebook of your school. Additionally, assignments containing text, files, or audio/video submissions can be graded via the Review Center tab.

  • The File Assignment option is available on the Pro Trainer plan or higher, and the Record Video/Audio option is available on the Learning Center plans or higher. 
  • You can either select a template to start from scratch or start from a premade template that can be further customized (Text Assignment, File Assignment, Record Video).

Self Assessment (Non-Graded Assessment)

Self-assessments are informal evaluations useful for revising a lesson or gathering feedback in your school surveys. You can select questions available in exams to offer instant feedback (without scoring) and incorporate form questions to gather user data (without feedback). Scoring is not available in this type of assessment, and users can get immediate feedback for their responses.

As an alternative, you can use our forms feature, which is accessible with the Pro Trainer plan or higher, for survey purposes.

Graded SCORM Package

Graded SCORM packages represent an advancement to our SCORM learning activity option, enabling seamless integration of Score and Pass/Fail outcomes from SCORM into your Gradebook. This feature is accessible with the Pro Trainer plan or higher.

Certificate (of knowledge)

The Certificate of Knowledge is an educational initiative merging a graded assessment (Exam) with formal Certification. Successfully passing this exam awards a certificate. You have the option of uploading custom certificate templates in our Pro Trainer plans or higher. 

Certificate of completion

The Certificate of Completion can be added at the end of a course and awarded to users based on specific completion requirements. For example, it is bestowed upon users who successfully finish all assessments or participate in all learning activities within the course. You have the option of uploading custom certificate templates in our Pro Trainer plans or higher.

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