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Existing Clients Guide: Migrate to the Revamped Community

Making your students feel that they are part of a community where they can communicate, be guided, or stay updated on your school’s news can be beneficial. In LearnWorlds, we offer a built-in Community that helps your students feel connected

In our latest release, we have introduced major upgrades to the LearnWorlds Community, with enhanced social capabilities! Here’s what you need to know:

Enhanced Community Admin Page: You can now access the Community page under a new menu section: Communications → Community. Your comprehensive Community dashboard now offers more flexibility in the settings and streamlined community management. 

Revamped UX: 'Groups' are now called 'Spaces', which are organized into 'Collections' for easier navigation across numerous school discussions and for the enhanced community structure.

Two New Roles: Introducing the Community Manager and Space Manager, to facilitate more efficient community administration. 

  • Community Managers: They can help you organize your community structure in spaces and collections and moderate community content.
  • Space Managers: They can moderate community spaces.

All your existing content remains intact with those changes. However, now it is complemented with a superior user experience. We advise you to take advantage of the new options and start reorganizing your community right away!

Migration Steps

1. Transition from Groups to Spaces: Your former groups are now reorganized as 'Spaces' within a default 'Spaces' Collection. You can take some time to review, tidy up, and categorize these spaces. You can find out more about Spaces and Collections, in this article.

2. Assign Space Managers: You can now assign a dedicated Space Manager to each of your spaces. Space Managers will only be able to see the Space Manager Dashboard and moderate their assigned spaces.

To assign a Space Manager, hover over the Space members list and click on the three dots to promote a member to Space Manager. 

You can also navigate to Users → All Users, select the user you wish to assign as a Space Manager, and click on Edit User. Choose the Management Role and assign the space.

3. Address User-Created Spaces: Keep in mind that the option of learner-initiated group creation is currently paused. The previously created groups by your learners now appear as 'Spaces' in your Collections dashboard, and management permissions have been removed from the original group creators. To identify the group creator, look for the 'creator' label next to the member’s name.

You need to make several decisions regarding the previous groups created by your learners, like deleting the space, assigning the space to a space manager or not, as well as allocating the space to a specific collection. Your users will be able to interact in those spaces, but creators won't be able to add members to that space and manage activity inside the space (unless promoted to the Space Manager).

Space Managers Limitations

Depending on your LearnWorlds plan, you can have up to a certain number of Community Space Managers and Community Managers. You will need to be careful on how many users you will promote to space managers and how many Community Managers you will create, in order to not exceed the limitations: 

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume
Admins (including Community Managers) /Instructors/Reporters
25 Administrative/
User Group/Seat Managers/Space Managers
10 (combined in total)
100 (combined in total)

Inform Users and Collaborators about the Revamp

Announce the latest reaction choices, attachment functionalities, and post-editing enhancements to your community. You can find more information on how to use the LearnWorlds community and the new updated and enhanced fuctionalities in this article.

You will lastly need to provide any Community or Space Managers with insights into their roles and permissions. We have prepared a support guide that can be shared with your Space Managers for assistance: Community Manager and Space Manager Support Guide.

Community Space managers are different from Community managers and have different permissions. They can: 

  • View/Edit/Post/Delete posts

in their assigned spaces. While Community Managers can: 

  • View/Edit/Post/Delete posts
  • Add/Edit/Reorder/Delete collections
  • Add/Edit/Reorder/Delete spaces

If you require any assistance or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at We’re here to help!

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